Why you need Backup Power

Nowadays, we are totally digitalized, we work through computers and machinery and use gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and so on. Therefore continuous electricity supply is required to us, we need a backup power supply because all these thing operate over batteries which are drained after some time. This could be a portable power supply as well for the stuff we carry with ourselves when we go outside to power these things up.

In this article I’ll let you know about the backup power supplies you can use and for what purpose which backup power supply you can use whether it is in your home or for the outside purpose to tackle electricity outage issues.

First of all, let’s discuss what a backup power supply really is? I know most of you are familiar with it but there are some who don’t know so let us have a refresher.

What is a Backup Power Supply

Backup power supply is defined as a device that offers uninterruptible power in case of a power outage. For this, the term UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or sometimes the systems that supply A/C power is used. Different types of backups can be used for different things like different supplies for computer systems, mobile phones and for the manufacturing machinery as well.

There are different types of emergency power supplies depending on for which purpose you want to use, for example, there are standby power supplies like generators and backup batteries as well as some portable power supplies e.g. portable generators that you can carry with yourself everywhere when needed.

An emergency power supply is used where the loss of power could result in a reduction in productivity or gadgets dead battery or financial loss as well.

For what purpose which type of emergency power supply you should be getting is described below with best examples to choose from so continue to read the article.

Portable Backup Power Supply for Cell Phones, Tablets

We all use gadgets nowadays and there are hardly few gadgets that survive whole day after use, it is really frustrating to see your smartphone or tablet running out of power when you’re not near a power outlet. Most of the times their batteries are dead which make them unusable. In this case, fortunately, there are third party battery backups available that come in every size, capacity, and price range. The best options for backup power supply for cell phones are the power banks.

Power Banks OR Portable Chargers

Power bank, that is a portable power supply consists of a special batteries inside of a special case consisting of a special circuit that controls the flow of power. As the name suggests, power banks allow us to store the electrical energy in it that is used later to charge the smartphones, this portable power supply works perfectly for laptops, tablets, and other smart gadgets. You can also choose portable chargers for this purpose that can also be used with plenty of small electronics as well.

What kind of Portable Power Supply Your Should Choose?

Well, the bigger the battery you get the better it is, apart from that you should go for those having a higher quantity of ports and are able to fit inside of your pocket and able to charge your phone for at least twice.

The smallest available batteries available in a power bank that can charge your phone once have a capacity of 3500 mAh which is enough to top up your phone once as well as there are available for the capacity of up to 20,000 mAh to 50,000 mAh as well which can charge phones or tablets for multiple times. Some of the popular power banks you can choose as a backup power supply for cell phones

Best Power Bank For Emergency

In our increasingly interconnected world small Battery powered cell phones And smart devices reign supreme among the  tools we need to Stay connected our Family, friends and  even Earn a living. that is as long as there is power available to operate them. Power Banks offer a small but powerful way to  power up when you’re in between charges And plugging up  a charger is not an option.

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Best Portable Power Supply For Tailgating

As you go outside whether it is for supporting your favorite team in a match far from your home or you are just hanging out with your friends or family at the beach. you know that your tailgating experience is not going to be enjoyable without parties there.

Because you need music, TV, Radios or some more related stuff and for that, you need a portable generator as a portable power supply for tailgating that you can easily carry with yourself in your cars.

Portable Generators

Portable generators can be cost-effective and efficient solutions for portable power supply for laptops, computers and electronic stuff at the tailgating. Especially for those who want essential power supply at an affordable price, because these are the most cost-effective solutions.   From approximately $400, these portable generators can power up your multiple laptops, tablets or even the home appliances like fridge and iron for more than two days.

Not only that, these can serve more if you have a couple of fuel cans with you. These provide complete peace of mind to the homeowners as they operate regardless of weather conditions. You can make them up and running any time in case of a power outage.

Below is the small list portable power supplies on Amazon that work great for Camping or Tailgating and can also be used in case of a power outage.  

Emergency Backup Power Supply For Laptops, Computers, More

We all live in a power-based world and we all have laptops, computers, big LCDs and other devices. This is the reason people put a lot of effort to find perfect generators for themselves, the truth is, not everyone is looking to get a fuel powered generators for these electronics. Large power banks and especially battery backup systems as the backup power supply are getting more popular.

Battery Back System As Backup Power Supply

However, a traditional type of backup power is still being used by many but a battery backup system, depending on the design, can handle both DC and AC loads. A single battery system for computers or laptops works for a few hours in case of power outages but larger backup power supply of battery bank systems can simply provide power for one to two days.

These battery backup systems mostly require an inverter or some require a charger, overheating protection is also provided with the quality systems as well because its a common problem with these type of systems that are of low quality.

Depending on what type of battery backup system you choose, these types of equipment are available at your local hardware stores, online as well as on automotive stores. These are available in different price, ranging from $500 for a single battery system to $6000 for a bigger system with huge power capacity.

All these emergency power backup systems provide peace of mind, therefore, you should protect your family by ensuring that the electrical needs are being looked after with solid backup power.

These could be battery backup systems, bigger power banks, fuel-powered generators, fixed generators as well as the wind-powered battery backup generator. I have explained when you should go for the generators and their types details below as well so follow this article to know about those as well.

Where battery backup systems are a solid solution there are some pros and cons as well to this system.

Battery Backup System Pros

  • Quiet operation
  • No gas exhaust
  • Cordless
  • No refilling a gas tank

Battery Backup System Cons

  • Limited amount of power available before they need to be recharged
  • May require a small generator to recharge them during prolonged outages

What type of battery backup system you should choose?

Well, this solely depends on how many things you want to power up with battery backup system, you can have this backup power supply to plugin just basic stuff like lights radio computers, this will also cost you less money because a small battery and an inverter will be used that will power up these devices for a few hours.

On the other hand, if you want to power up your air conditioner or fridge or toaster etc with it, it won’t power those. Moreover, sometimes in case of huge power outage, small generators are required to recharge the batteries and these inverters are also connected to a critical load panel and most of the hybrid inverters in a battery backup system can incorporate a transfer switch internally which means that when there is a power outage inverters are fast enough to prevent your system from switching off and losing all your unsaved data. The examples for battery backu systems are mentioned below.

External Battery UPS for home electronics

If you’re dependent on your computer for office work then you need to have a powerful emergency backup power supply. Because there are higher chances that your computer will be crashed in case of a sudden power outage. To overcome this problem you require a powerful and reliable UPS. Because a UPS plays a vital role in the protection of your personal computer from sudden power failures, and if you do not have such systems in place you can lose more than just losing some important documents.

For working at home or at the office you can make the best use of such emergency power supply and these external battery UPS are the best choice for people right now for people to go into the right direction in case of power outages of the computers and other stuff.

Below is the list of few battery backup systems you can choose from

  • APC BACK-UPS 600VA (BE600M1)
  • APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500VA (BR1500G)
  • CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD
  • Tripp Lite Tripp Lite 1500VA (SMART1500LCD)
  • APC Smart-UPS 1500VA (SMT1500C)

Solar Backup Power System As Emergency Backup Supply

In order to provide a backup power supply, the use of a solar backup power system has become more useful in the situations of a power cut. These days, a sudden power cut is a major concern, as well as most of our work is done on computers and other machinery that requires continuous electricity. They not only provide daily primary power as well as provide a reliable power in case of emergency power backup supply is needed. Therefore choosing an efficient solar power backup system helps you get power immediately in case of a power outage.

These panels are made of photovoltaic cells are usually installed at the top of the roofs under direct sunshine because these cells convert direct sunshine into DC power which later is converted into AC power using an inverter. As earlier described the battery backup systems, those systems can also be recharged using solar power. As these solar power panels generate the energy at the day time and any excess energy can be used during the power outages.

Moreover, you don’t need to be worried about your safety after getting these solar backup power system because they stand out from other systems that provide the long emergency power supply.

Below are some popular solar panels that you can choose from

  • LG Solar Panel
  • SunPower Solar Panels
  • REC Solar Panel
  • Winaico Solar Panel