Why have a Portable Power Supply With AC Outlet?

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Electricity is something we simply can not imagine our lives without. We all have devices that make our every-day lives easier and keep us connected to our acquaintances, friends and loved ones.  And let’s not forget, provide us with the news and entertainment we rely on to keep us informed and safe and most of these devices have batteries that will need to be charged.

When we are at home this is not a problem, we simply find the nearest outlet and plug-in our devices and presto were back up and running. That is unless the power is out. I’m here to tell you Stormy Weather or Old Man Winter cares not about YouTube, Instagram,and Facebook or if you’re in the middle of your latest binge on Netflix. 

If it’s just a cell phone or two you have, a couple of power Banks can hold you over for a few hours  and you should absolutely keep them close at hand in your home and in your car. With all that said, if you  live in an area where cell service is limited a fully charged cell phone it’s nothing more than an expensive night light.  

A portable power supply with enough battery capacity to support an inverter is a much better solution for outages that could last   a few hours to a few days.